Our Partners


IASWECE collaborates with the following organisations on a variety of issues, including project support, advocacy for a healthy childhood, and early childhood education.

  • Pedagogical Section of the School for Spiritual Science in Dornach
  • The Hague Circle – International Council for Steiner/Waldorf Education
  • ECSWE – European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education
  • HERMMES – Holistic Education, Resilience and Media Maturity in Educational Settings 
  • Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners – Friends of Waldorf education
  • Alliance for Childhood European Network
  • ENSWaP – European Network of Steiner Waldorf Parents
  • stART-international – Emergency Aid for Children
  • ELIANT-European Alliance of Initiatives for Applied Anthroposophy
  • INSEL – Association for the Rythmical Games from Willma Ellersiek
  • L4WB – Learning for Well-being Foundation
  • Eurochild – Children at the heart of Europe