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IASWECE offers pedagogical, practical and financial support for a number of projects that support the training and collaboration of Waldorf early childhood educators, including the following:

  • Introductory Lectures and Short Courses:
    • In countries where interest in Waldorf early childhood education starts to grow, introductory lectures and short courses help individuals to explore possibilities of growth before taking further steps and build a foundation for its development.
  • Long-term Training Courses:
    • When a deep interest in Waldorf Education has been solidly established, offering a long-term training course enables those who really want to commit to the development of Waldorf early childhood educational impulse in their region or country.
  • Mentoring:
    • The mentoring of early childhood teachers who have completed their training enables them to gain a professional foothold, through the support of a mentor with years of experience.
  • Country collaboration among colleagues or conferences:
    • The relationships among colleagues in a country or region are of utmost importance in collaborating on laying the foundations of the education and sharing common questions of interest and study.
Pedagogical and Practical Support. For general information and advice please contact our office at

Financial Support. Please read the Guidelines for Project Support  and contact our office before completing an application (see below). Applications are requested by June 30th each year for support in the following calendar year.

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