IASWECE encourages and supports the training of Steiner/Waldorf kindergarten teachers and childcare educators around the world. 

Many training courses and centers have been operating successfully for decades and are recognized for the quality of their courses within their countries and beyond. Other training courses and centers have been established more recently. In some situations, especially in countries that are not yet members of  IASWECE, new training courses begin as projects. These courses are often carried by a group of committed individuals who want to make Steiner/Waldorf early childhood training available in their country or region. In other situations, courses take place in training centers or permanent organisations. 

If you are interested in training to be a Steiner/Waldorf early childhood educator, please refer to our World List  for contact information for training courses.

If you are interested in developing a Steiner/Waldorf early childhood training course, you can find guidelines and other resources for the development and support of Steiner/Waldorf training courses on the following pages. Please contact IASWECE at for further information about applying for pedagogical and financial support.  

For specific information about birth-to-three educators’ training, please contact