IASWECE Member Country Associations (starred * in the list below) carry responsibility for the recognition of kindergartens and training courses in their countries. Kindergartens and early childhood programs in countries that are not IASWECE Members are included on the IASWECE World List if they have an official  license to use the name “Steiner” or “Waldorf” or if they have been recognized by IASWECE.  

To find a kindergarten on the World List, select a country in the column “Countries” and then under “School Type”, select “Kindergartens”. In the column “Sorted by” you can choose whether you want to see the list sorted by city, by name of the kindergarten, or by postal code. To find a training center on the World List, select “Training Centers” under “School Type”.  

For a PDF version of the entire World List of Steiner/Waldorf schools and kindergartens, click here. 

The names “Steiner” and “Waldorf” are legally protected; kindergartens that want to apply to use the name or to be included in the world list should contact info@iaswece.org.

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