Digital Media and Child Development

Research on Digital Media and Early Childhood

  • Digital Lives – Technology and the Future of Childhood.

An outstanding manifesto written by the Chief Executive of the Save Childhood Movement, Wendy Ellyat. (April 2018). Read the manifesto.

  • Report from the Children’s Screen Time Action Network Conference.

Read the May 2018 Newsletter from the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.

  • The Power of Human Touch

Article by David Brooks in the New York Times, 19.1.2018 : “It seems that the smarter we get about technology, the dumber we get about relationships. We live in a society in which loneliness, depression and suicide are on the rise. We seem to be treating each other worse. The guiding moral principle here is not complicated: Try to treat other people as if they possessed precious hearts and infinite souls. Everything else will follow.” Read more

  • Daily touchscreen use in infants and toddlers is associated with reduced sleep and delayed sleep onset.

Article published in Scientific Reports N°7, 2017. Traditional screen time (e.g. TV and videogaming) has been linked to sleep problems and poorer developmental outcomes in children. With the advent of portable touchscreen devices, this association may be extending down in age to disrupt the sleep of infants and toddlers, an age when sleep is essential for cognitive development. Read more.

  • Media and Young Minds.

A policy statement released by the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) concludes that there are multiple developmental and health concerns relating to excess use of digital media including obesity and sleep disruption. This article includes very useful recommendations for care providers and parents. (November 2016)Read the article

  • Electronic Toys for Babies Should Be Discouraged, Concludes New Study.

The study shows that despite the fact that many electronic toys are marketed as educational for babies, they are detrimental to early language development. (January 15, 2016) Read more