Transitions in Childhood


Edmond Schoorel

Ruth Ker

Claudia McKeen

Thomas Dee and Hans Sievertsen

Florian Osswald

Susan Weber

Elizabeth Hall

Clara Aerts

Reinoud Engelsman

Claus-Peter Röh


  • The Right Brain Develops first – Why Play is the Foundation of Academic Learning. 

Article by Vince Gowmon published in January 2018 on his website. “Pushing literacy and numeracy on children before age seven may just be harmful to their little, developing brains. Without the capacity to use their academic minds in the ways that are being asked can cause children to gain what’s called “learned stupidity.” They believe themselves to be incapable and lose their natural desire to learn.” Read more

  • The Gift of Time? School Starting Age and Mental Health.

Article by Thomas Dee from the Stanford University and Hans Henrik Sievertsen from The Danish National Centre for Social Research. “In many developed countries, children now begin their formal schooling at an older age. However, a growing body of empirical studies provides little evidence that such schooling delays improve educational and economic outcomes. This study presents new evidence onwhether school starting age influences student outcomes by relying on linked Danish surveyand register data that include several distinct, widely used, and validated measures of mentalhealth that are reported out-of-school among similarly aged children. Read more

  • Study finds improved self-regulation in kindergartners who wait a year to enroll.

A new study on the mental health effects of kindergarten enrollment ages found strong evidence that a one-year delay dramatically improves a child’s self-regulation abilities even into later childhood. (October 7, 2015). Read more