In Estonia there are eight Waldorf kindergartens – very significant in a country with only 1.3 million inhabitants and just 25 years of existence!  

Looking back. On September 1, 1990 – at that time, Estonia was still part of the Soviet Union –  children in five different locations were able to attend a Waldorf school. Only a short time later, the first Waldorf kindergartens opened.

Training. For several years now it has been possible for early childhood educators with a government training to do a continuing education course for Waldorf education at the University of Tartu. Three cohorts of 50 students each have now completed these courses, supported by IASWECE each time. The tutors included Waldorf early childhood educators from Estonia, Germany, Sweden and France.

Working together. The Waldorf kindergartens are members of the Estonian Waldorf Kindergarten Association and meet twice each year for professional development. In 2015 this professional development course was also supported by IASWECE.

-Kristina Rosin, Waldorf kindergarten teacher in Tallinn, Estonia, and a member of the IASWECE Council

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