Waldorf education in Slovenia has now a tradition of 25 years and is very well accepted in society, has a good reputation, good working conditions and constant good cooperation with other pedagogical institutions, the education ministry and local communities. At present there are 15 kindergartens, 4 primary schools and 1 upper school. Most of the schools and kindergartens are members of the national Association. The interest for Waldorf education is constantly growing, especially in Ljubljana and Žalec, a small city about 70 km from the capital.

The main task of the Association for the Development of Waldorf Schools and Kindergartens of Slovenia is to organise teacher and kindergarten training courses. Both courses are 3-year part-time weekend courses with all together 85 students. The lecturers come from Slovenia and many other European countries (Norway, Denmark, England, Holland, Austria and Germany). The training courses are vital for providing enough educated school and kindergarten teachers for the growing needs for more and more places in Waldorf schools and kindergartens. The teacher and kindergarten training course is connected with the teacher training course in Zagreb, Croatia. This means some joint working weekends, help with lecturers and exchange of experiences.

Another important task of the Association is quality care, which includes mentoring young schools and kindergartens and professional cooperation.

As a part of our pubic activities, an international pedagogical conference titled Challenges of Modern Education was organized in April 2015 and held in Ljubljana’s major congress centre with around 300 participants. Part of these activities is also the exhibition Living line, which was for the first time shown in September 2014 in the town hall of Ljubljana. In 2015 the exhibition travelled to Osijek, Zagreb (both Croatia) and to Sarajevo (Bosnia and Hercegovina); this year it was mounted in Luxemburg and will continue to be put up in different cities. It displays the drawings of pupils from Waldorf School Ljubljana 3-18 years

Zavod za razvoj waldorfskih šol in vrtcev – zveza, Slovenia

Association for the Development of Waldorf Schools and Kindergartens