In Chile, a country of great geographic and cultural distances from north to south, there are 7 fully established Waldorf kindergartens and many new initiatives.

In 2014, after many years of preparation, the kindergarten teachers formed the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of Chile. Their immediate aim is to unite the early childhood teachers, programs and initiatives in this country where enormous distances and geographical challenges create a real divide between north and south.

Chile 15 01 Summer course with Helle and Louise

One of the first acts of this association was to work together to host two five-day seminars in January 2015 – one in Santiago and the other in Pucon, both with the same structure, themes and speakers,. Attended by more than 60 people in Santiago and 50 in Pucon, the seminars were made possible through IASWECE financial and pedagogical support. Two more seminars are planned for 2016 and 2017.

This new association sees as one of its tasks the building of bridges with the Ministry of Education, which is currently introducing educational reforms, and to be part of the shaping of early childhood educational policies in Chile. Many members of the association regularly attend government-sponsored meetings on education, and Waldorf education is known and respected within the Ministry of Education.

The rapid growth of Waldorf early childhood programs and initiatives are an outer sign of future possibilities for the children of Chile.

Louise de Forest, former kindergarten teacher and trainer who has lectured and given courses in Chile in recent years.